STAR ACE 32cm Kong 2.0 Statue Vinyl DELUX SA9005


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STAR ACE 32cm Kong 2.0 Statue Vinyl SA9005

Kong:Skull Island introduced introduced us to the Monsterverse that will soon see the king of all monsters, Godzilla, take on the king of Skull Island – Kong. This new 32cm vinyl figure shows the protector of Skull Island in a defiant roar, mouth open wide and arms outstretched. This piece is meticulously sculpted to show the rage in his face, all the detail of his hair and the battle scars across his chest. He is painted by hand to bring out all the incredible nuances of his expression and recreate the realism that makes the figure look alive.

A limited-edition Deluxe Version recreates a famous scene in the movie where Kong swings a ship’s propeller on a chain at an attacking monster. The Deluxe Version features a diorama base with the remnants of a ship, and Kong has a chain around his arm and is holding a ship’s propeller, getting ready to heave it at the Skullcrawler

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