Doyusha DOY35KT1 1/35 German Heavy Tank King Tiger Henschel Turret 88

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Doyusha DOY35KT1 1/35 German Heavy Tank King Tiger Henschel Turret

A plastic model that requires assembly painting. Adhesives, tools, paint, etc. are required separately.
1/35 scale unpainted plastic assembly kit
Completed size: Approximately 290mm in length / 107mm in width
Movable caterpillar is connected assembly type, suspension is movable by torsion bar method
Aluminum gun body, resin muzzle cover, with etched parts
Comes with a color guide that is convenient for painting
Product introduction
The second King Tiger (Henchel turret) plan following the Porsche turret It is a specification. The German heavy tank King Tiger had two types: the early Porsche turret and the mass-produced Henschel turret. The type modeled this time was planned to be produced from July 1945 among the Henschel turrets, and the installation of a stereo rangefinding telemeter and the activation of a new 1-piece caterpillar and 18-tooth matching it. Rings were planned to be introduced. It is a type that has hardly been modeled until now, and there are many differences from the normal Henschel turret. Overall length 290 mm, overall width 107 mm, the lower part of the car body and the turret are reproduced with a slide mold, the movable caterpillar that can be connected and assembled, the suspension is movable by the torsion bar method, with an aluminum barrel, with a resin muzzle cover, with etching parts, number of parts More than 580 points, with a color guide convenient for painting, new mold added.
Safety warning
Target age 14 years and over

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