Oxford Diecast 1/76 TACR2 RAF Camouflage 76TAC001


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Oxford Diecast 76TAC001 TACR2 RAF Camouflage

TACR2 stands for Truck Fire-Fighting Airfield Crash Rescue. It is a 2 Tonne 6×4 Mark 2 Range Rover, & used as a rapid response vehicle used by the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, & civilian airfields.


The TACR2 is a six-wheeled Range Rover based successor to the TACR1 which was built on a Land Rover Series II or III.


The TACR2 was built on the Carmichael Commando chassis. This is a six-wheeled rear extension of the classic Range Rover. It uses the Range Rover drivetrain, with the two leading axles (front axle and original rear axle) powered through the Range Rover permanent four wheel drivetransfer case. The new rear axle is an unpowered trailer, using similar coil spring suspension. Although the chassis is different and was built by Carmichael rather than Land Rover, most components were standard Range Rover. Some TACR2s have been converted to six wheel drive.

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