NUNU 1/24 Racing Series BMW 320i DTCC 2001 Winner Model Car NU-24007


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NUNU NU-24007 1/24 Racing Series BMW 320i DTCC 2001 Winner (Model Car)

-BMW E46 is the main machine that Germany’s BMW, known as a make-up that is essential for touring car races, ran in the touring car races in the early 2000s.
-The base E46 type was the 4th generation model of the 3 series that was introduced in 1999 and was used in touring car races in Europe and the world.

-The model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the BMW 320i E46, a machine that Tom Coronel won at the 2001 German Touring Car Championship DTCC and won.
-Fully modeled a simple and basic body style.
-Details such as the kidney grille enhance the finish.
-Accurately reproduce the atmosphere of the racing model, such as roll cages and bucket seats that guard the interior well, various equipment, dashboard, etc.
-The underside of the chassis also features floor panel details, exhaust handling, suspension arms, and other three-dimensional expressions.
-Marking is prepared for the machine driven by Tom Coronel who won the DTCC.
-It is a model that touring car fans cannot miss.

[Major features]
-1/24 scale reproduction of the E46 Touring Car race specification with a 4-door sedan body
-Marking reproduces the machine that was active in the Dutch Touring Car Racing Championship
-The chassis underside also has a three-dimensional finish such as suspension
-Complete new mold
-Completion size: total length about 190mm

*2019/09/26 The product name has been changed.
Old: 1/24 Racing Series BMW E46

New: 1/24 Racing Series BMW 320i DTCC 2001 Winner

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