HAYNES MANUAL M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Manual


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HAYNES MANUAL M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Manual H6099

From 1980 (M1, M1A1 and M1A2 Models)

The American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank revolutionary design combines a deadly main armament with a low profile and amazingly quick acceleration, entered service with the US Army in 1980. It was deployed extensively in the stand-offs of the Cold War, then went on to see combat during Gulf War (1991), the invasion of Iraq (2003), and in Afghanistan (2010).

Authors Bruce Oliver Newsome and Gregory Walton lift the hatches on the Abrams to give a unique insight into this deadly aggressor on the 21st century battlefield.

They examine the M1’s fearsome 105mm rifled gun and the M1A1’s and M1A2’s 120mm smooth-bore gun, the latest enhancements of fire control systems, the unusual materials used as armour, and the unique automotive line. They give their personal experiences from training to war, describe the latest configurations, and give the prospects for even more powerful guns, engines, and protective systems.

Supported by more than 300 photographs and illustrations, the Haynes M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Manual tells the inside story of the most innovative tank on the battlefield today.

Authors: Bruce Newsome, PhD, first served on M1 Abrams tanks in the Pennsylvania National Guard and advised the US Army on acquisitions as a research scientist. He is now Assistant Teaching Professor of International Relations at the University of California, Berkeley. Bruce also volunteers in the Tank Museum’s archives and workshops. He lives in California.

Gregory Walton served with the California National Guard and US Army on the M60A3, and on the M1 Abrams in the Gulf War. Greg now works as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He lives in California.

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